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Sally Prendergast

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Sally Prendergast

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DiLi - Dream it, Live it
PO Box 2263
Mount Isa
84 085 918 182
Sports and Recreation
1 Employee
DiLi – Dream it, Live it … dance, imagine, play!
DiLi is a dance school offering quality dance instruction from a teacher with over 20 years experience. Sally Prendergast, owner and director of DiLi has taught dance to children from three years of age through to adults at all levels of ability in a range of dance styles including pre-school dance, classical ballet, theatrical jazz, commercial jazz, funk/hip hop, contemporary, lyrical and tap dance. Sally also has many years experience teaching technical dance skills within other genres of physical movement including gymnastics, Irish dance, cheer leading and acrobatics.
DiLi (formally known as Dancers R Us) is a business that prides itself on customer service and in 2015 the business was awarded with the EMO Trans Northern Outback Business Award for Service Excellence. As the owner and principal director, Sally firmly believes that the dance classes offered at DiLi also offer an environment that is inclusive, nurturing and fun whilst also incorporating fundamental life skills such as team work, confidence, socialisation, musicality, fitness, strength, passion for the arts, cooperation, leadership, imagination and so much more!

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