Useful links for Businesses

Last updated January 21st 2021.

The web sites below can each be of assistance to you as you search for information that is relevant to your specific situation.

Contact Tracing

The rules around contact tracing have changed and businesses are being asked to use electronic contact tracing methods rather than paper ones. If you use paper such as when there is a power outage or the internet drops out etc, you must transfer that data to an electronic system as soon as possible.

SafeVisit is a FREE contact tracing tool developed to make it as easy as possible for both the business and the consumer. It is easy and fast to set up and you can begin using it immediately. Safe Visit has just been upgraded to accommodate venue using a new manual check-in option.  Ideal for those without smartphones or keen to scan a QR, vendors can now setup self-service tablets/devices for quick and simple digital check-in, keeping them compliant and the customers flowing.

Other contact tracing websites that have been developed for the hospitality industry in particular are: uorda; BYTO; Bepoz; guestHQ; and MyGuestList.

If you are having difficulty with electronic contact tracing, for example if your customers don’t have a smart phone, or there is no internet etc, the easiest solution is to purchase a tablet for your venue. These can be purchased for under $100. Use the tablet to either register your guests electronically (have them complete the form on the tablet) or set up a manual spreadsheet to collect data that you can upload later.

Useful links

Department of Employment, Small Business and Training If you have questions specifically about small business, training, including apprentices and trainees, and employment of any description, this department can answer those questions. They also have a hotline for small businesses – 1300 654 687. The local team are very approachable and keen to help you in your business.

Business Queensland is a State Government website and it has all the information specific to Queensland businesses. There is easy access to information about COVID and any restrictions in place. This site also has information on starting and growing your business, grants and assistance that is available and more. There are links to industry specific information including information on laws that pertain to that industry. It is a very big website and worth taking time to explore it for answers.

Business Assistance Finder is a resource from Business Queensland and will make it easier for you to find the assistance that you are eligible for and how to go about receiving it. This includes all the assistance from both the Queensland and the Federal government. 

Small Business COVID-19 adaptation Grant Program. This program is to support small businesses who are subject to closure or highly affected by the corona virus. To find out if you are eligible or for more information this link is to the frequently asked questions. These grants are a first in first served basis. There is still money allocated available at the time of writing.

Queensland’s Road-map to easing restrictions can be found here. Included here is information specific to nail salons and beauty therapists as well as for cafes and restaurants. This is updated regularly as circumstances change. It is worth checking in on a regular basis to make sure you are up to date.

Safe Work Australia Has industry specific information relating to health and safety, safe working practices and the like. They also have some great resources available for businesses to use in relation to COVID-19 This includes items to print out and display as well as information about how to maintain a safe and healthy work place.

The Australian Government – the Treasury This page contains all the information specifically from the federal government stimulus packages. There is a page for households, one for businesses and one about supporting the flow of credit. From this page there is also a link to the Corona virus Business Liaison Unit. 

The Australian Tax Office have also put together a summary of assistance measures relating directly to their department and your businesses tax obligations.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ). This website is a great go to for all Businesses looking for information. CCIQ have a hotline where you can get one on one assistance – ph 1300 731 988.  CCIQ also offer webinars and events that are full of great information. If you are interested in one, head to the web page to see what is coming up. Then simply register and log in when it is time.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has detailed information about unpaid pandemic leave and the option for employees to take twice as much annual leave on half pay. On this page they have explained the changes to 99 separate awards. This information is particularly useful to businesses who have had to scale back their operations or close their doors.

The Australian Government Department of Heath and Queensland Health These are the best places to get accurate and up to date health information about the virus and all health matters. There are lots of misleading posts being shared on social media, some which are either entirely wrong, or a blend of fact and fiction. We urge you to get your information from reputable sources and to fact check. 

Beyond Blue are a really great resource if you are struggling with your mental health during the Corona Virus Outbreak. Many of us experience a heightened sense of anxiety and stress with change. When change is accompanied by a perceived threat such as illness or financial  difficulty, it can be hard to maintain a healthy perspective. If you are struggling, even a little, reach out to your GP or online assistance such as Beyond Blue. A little bit of help now may mean you cope better in the future. 

We wish all business large and small the very best. If Commerce North West can be of any further assistance to you and your business, please contact us