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Register your Business

In 2020, up to $200,000 worth of Buy Local Gift Cards were bought and shared in the Munt Isa Community. That is a significant amount of money that is guaranteed to stay in the local economy further strengthening and supporting the community. 

 To ensure these gift cards can only be spent locally, we have closed loop system whereby we physically have to activate your eftpos machines in order for them to accept the cards. If your machine has not been activated then it will not be able to read the card and you may loose the sale.
Registering your business is very easy. Download a copy of the registration form, fill in the form accordingly and email it back to our office. Once the form has been received by us, we will invoice you for the membership and activate your machine. Your business will then be added to the list of participating businesses on the brochure and on the website.
Please note, the cards are eftpos cards and do not have a chip embedded. This means they must be swiped in order to access the funds loaded on to them. If you have a digital card reader, unfortunately we wont be able to activate it.